Basic Elements of Analytical Essay Format Why Does a Good Analytical

No matter what type of the /essay you deal with: expository essay, application essay, argumentative essay and some other, you need to consider the essay format with its elements. Let us take, for example, analytical essay format that has its specific points. These points are important the same as the content of the paper. That is why essay writers should not forget about this.

The a nalytical essay format has the following structure:

  • Title page.
  • Outline.
  • Introduction.
  • Main body. Conclusion.
  • Reference page.
  • The title page gives the name of the student, the name of the supervisor, due date and the name of the course.
  • The outline contains the structure of the argumentation the work is going to contain.
  • The analytical essay introduction explains the topic. This part of the essay should not have any details but gives key information about the object under research, introduces the thesis statement, and explains how this thesis will be supported in the body.

The main body of the analytical essay format develops and explains the thesis statement. Here the writer introduces his ideas, states all the facts to support the arguments, if necessary, gives explanation to the supporting evidence. The author expands the outlook of the raised problem of the topic. Actually, the body contains the research of the problem and presents its results. In the body one can use examples, quotes, stylistic means such as metaphors and repetitions that help to persuade the reader of the relevance of the thesis statement.

The conclusion summarizes all the arguments, presenting findings of the investigation and stresses the main idea. This part should be based on the supporting facts established in the main body. All this will help to make the work clear, persuasive and legible.

The last important element the format of analytical essay assumes is the reference page. In this part you can find all sources mentioned in the analytical essay: it indicates the name of the authors who have made contribution to the study of the research topic in the past and the year of publication of their works as well as the number of pages where the quote or information has bee borrowed.

A good structure of the essay makes it readable, comprehensive and believable. The clear structuring helps the writer to set forth his ideas and the reader to better perceive the ideas.

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